Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Amish Friendship Bread

Have you ever been given a starter bag of Amish Friendship Bread?  When we were in NJ Justin's cousin passed out starter bags.  This bread was so delicious I couldn't wait to make some of my own!
Yesterday was the day all the magic happened!
It started with the 10 day old fermented batter
Add the rest of the ingredients
Make 4, 1 cup starter bags to give away
Add your choice of a fruit and/or nut mixture to your batter
I added a cranberry/nut mixture
Then bake!  The pan is coated with a cinnamon/sugar mix and smells like heaven while cooking!
It makes two loaf pans!

So good! Very happy with the fruit/nut mixture I chose!  I have only given away one starter bag so I need to pass those out before I am making 3 more bags of bread!

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  1. my neighbor gave me a starter a year or so ago. my husband loved it! i would make like 3 loaves at at time and freeze them for him. its tasty stuff.