Thursday, August 19, 2010

Back to Work

I have mixed feelings about going back to work tomorrow.  On the positive, I like routine and schedule.  This summer has had no routine.  I get lazy when there is no structure so I am glad to have that back. OH, I should mention it will be VERY nice to have a paycheck again!!!  I also think it will help time pass more quickly.  I feel these past 3.5 months have been snail slow.  I am so ready to really feel pregnant - show and actually wear the cute prego clothes and I am dying to find out the sex.  A little less than a month and we'll know but that seems so far away.
On the negative... I will be getting up at 6am (my husband has no pity) and working til 4:30.  I bet I'm going to be exhausted when I get home :) AND I'll miss hanging out with Coltrane, our 14 yr old black lab.  He is going to miss me too. 

Confession:  I have been so bored today and tonight I couldn't take it I went and looked at baby clothes.  Am I psycho? maybe!  I wanted to buy something so bad BUT I with held.


  1. You are not crazy!!!! I think every pregnant woman feels that way!! I will say this though...I am now already tired of wearing maternity clothes. I miss all my LITTLE cute outfits!!! You should check out Ann Taylor Loft Maternity Online though. They have some very cute outfits!!

  2. Great suggestion! I have looked, but it was a while ago.