Thursday, August 26, 2010


I've been thinking!  My blog was supposed to be about Food, Fun and Fitness - hence the name.  Things have changed.  Since becoming pregnant, there have been very few post about food or fitness.  I think I want to start another blog just for my pregnancy and the babies.  I'll still keep this one bc I hope to be picking up cooking and the love for food again and I BETTER be getting my butt back in fitness!
I keep procrastinating bc I really want to come up with a fun name.  I feel like this one is Bor-ing!  Babies are fun so they need a fun name!

Random comment
You know how I was making friendship bread?  Well I kept one of my starter bags bc I loved it so much and yesterday I came home to batter on the floor. sigh.
Today was the day to bake my delicious bread :(  Somehow, the bag opened by itself while I was at work and spilled on the floor.

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  1. Well, like you said, babies are FUN, and FUN is the second word in your title :)

    Whatever you decide, just keep us posted so I keep up with the babies :)

    (And if you're in the market for a bloggie makeover, with these babies, check out my design site: )