Sunday, September 26, 2010

Showers and registering

Saturday, my friend Lindsay had her baby shower.  We were super excited to go because she had her baby boy early and we got to meet him!  He was definitely spoiled with all those people around :)

Afterward Mom and I went to Babies R Us to register.  After two hours I had a registry!  I have to say it was a bit overwhelming....all the different bottles, passies, diapers...etc....  By the end I was just clicking things.  We still haven't decided on bedding. HELP!!
We couldn't leave without buying some cute clothes :)
I have to admit Baby Girl got three outfits and Baby Boy just got one!  Don't know how that happened! 
Only the green ones kind of match... Couldn't resist the ones with the cute feet :)

This morning I dragged Justin to Target to register for more! He was very helpful and patient :)
I think we have narrowed names down!!
Boys:  Cam or Max
Girls:  Chloe or Claire

I think Cam and Chloe sound so cute together!! 

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