Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I feel guilty after my last post so here are some HAPPY pictures of my favorite people :)

I love this face Max makes!  Poor guy, Claire seems so uninterested in him!

 sleepy girl

 working on tummy time!

 my three loves!

On another note, I was just reading the babywise blog and just had a realization!  I have been trying so hard to keep Max and Claire entertained during their "wake time". I put them on their mat, play music, sing, rattle, etc and sometimes all at the same time!  I have been OVERstimulating them... part of their bad napping is probably all bc of me!  It says since they are so new, just looking around by themselves can be stimulating.  What a RELIEF!  Hopefully this realization will not only help them, but me too!

I am going to try and sneak a quick shower.  It is almost 4pm and I am in my pjs with spit up all over my shirt!

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