Sunday, March 27, 2011

Max and Claire go to Church!

We finally made it back to Church!  I have been once since going on bed rest at the end of October.  That's awful! Of course we picked a very cold and rainy day to go, but nonetheless, we went!  I had their cute coming home gowns picked out for them to wear and Justin vetoed Max wearing a gown!  So he dressed Max and Claire wore her pretty gown and pink bow!

We didn't have much time to get ready, considering we decided to go at 8:10 and church starts at 9!  Luckily I showered and dried my hair last night. 
They did great and one of the ushers commented that they were the best behaved babies he had seen... he probably says that to everyone!  They were even blessed during communion!  Hopefully we will continue to go back.  Now I just need to schedule their baptism.

Rainy, yucky days (and everything else!)  puts Claire to sleep :)

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  1. That's amazing! We still haven't made it back yet, but I am really trying to go back next week because I need to talk to the priest about Lillian's baptism!