Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Max 2 Months

Little Man is two months today!  You have made so many changes...almost don't look like the baby we brought home!
You are the sweetest, cuddly baby!  You are a really good sleeper, you can sleep through anything....even when Claire is crying.  If I put you down and you wake up, you just stare at your mobile.  You look so peaceful.  We are still waiting on you and Claire to sleep through the night. You LOVE to snuggle with Daddy on the weekends!

You are wearing size 1 diapers and 0-3 clothes.  Today you wore your first "real" pair of pants!!  You looked so handsome and grown up!

-You are very observant.  Your eyes are always open and looking at your surroundings.
-You smile and are starting to do it more frequently :)  I love it!
-You are a great eater.  We have upped you to 4.5 and sometimes even 5 oz.  You seem to be doing a lot better now that you are on Zantac.
-You like when we sing songs.  I think your favorites are The Wheels on the Bus, Old Macdonald and BINGO!  You are a champ at holding up your head when we do tummy time.

Mommy and Daddy love watching your many faces!  I think you cross your eyes a dozen times a day!
You are getting much better at taking baths.  We have added them to our nighttime routine.

I love you!

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