Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Shopping Buddies

Yesterday I took Max and Claire shopping with me for the first time together.  I had originally planned on only going to exchange clothes at Carters and Gymboree, but we ended up walking around the whole Friendly Center. (It's an outdoor mall).  Besides trying to maneuver the double stroller through the stores, we had a great time!
Before we left, I had Claire in a cute outfit and wanted to do a photo shoot, only she wasn't interested!

 This is a new thing she does with her lips when she starts to cry!

Thought I'd have better luck in their usual location - but Nope!

Max was patient while we tried to have our photo shoot.  He was busy gnawing on his hand!
and making Max Man faces

and we got a few together...maybe today we will have some smiles :)

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