Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Doesn't everyone swim inside?!

 can you tell this is a living room of twins?!
This morning my sister in law texted to see if she could come visit today - of course we said, "heck ya".  As she got closer she asked if we wanted a pool!! yes, yes and yes! We were looking forward to playing outside on this gorgeous day then she got a call from work asking where she was!  Unfortunately, there was a mix up and she had to work.  I felt so bad bc she lives 1.5hrs away and had only been here for a few hours when she had to turn around and leave.... not to mention she had just blown up this pool! (don't worry, we were going to take it outside!)  Hopefully we will see her again real soon.  She is amazing with Max and Claire and they love her so much!!

Today was much better than yesterday.  Max was still a little sensitive (i'm thinking it's his gums?) but took three great naps.  And because they can't both be great on the same day, Claire woke up 1 hr. before Max at each nap time.  It's ok bc she was smiling and as cute as ever!!

Hey mom! look at my new toy!

I also met our new housekeeper today!  I thought she was just coming to see the house and give us an estimate, but she had two helpers with her and they washed all of our windows and wiped down doors!  They were here for almost three hours if that tells you how bad it needed to be cleaned!  She is doing a "spring" cleaning then will come once a month.  It is a little more than I wanted to spend, but she is a perfectionist and is/has done a great job :)

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