Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Will run for cupcakes and wine!

Today the stars aligned and I was able to go for a run when Justin got home from work.  This run was much needed for a few reasons, 1.  Peachtree Road Race (10k) on July 4th  2.  I have had four cupcakes in two days  3.  I wanted wine for dinner and 4.  I may or may not have had three cookies for dessert!  This sweet tooth is becoming ridiculous!  BUT, I must say after getting on the scale this morning, I haven't seen a number this low since early High School!!  If I could get my butt in gear, I could reach goal weight! 

I used Justin's Garmin and it is pretty motivating!  It kept track of my pace and each mile I improved by at least 20 seconds!  I ran 3.1 (half of what I need for the 4th) and it felt good.  I will probably have to walk some of the Peachtree.

On to the babies :)
This afternoon I took them outside for story time!  It was such a beautiful day.

Tonight I decided we would try baby food and I was going to make it..... didn't turn out as planned.  I need to read directions on how to make your own baby food.  I tried using peas and I couldn't get it to the right consistency.  I happened to have some sweet potatoes in a jar so we tried those.

very messy and still unsure about food

interested and turned very messy! most came right back out.

We will keep practicing - don't think they are quite there yet!


  1. A blog friend of mine just posted this on making baby food:

    Thought you might like to read it. :)