Sunday, June 19, 2011

First Father's Day

What a great weekend we had!  First off, I didn't realize I have not posted since last WEDNESDAY!  Justin went out of town Thurs and Friday night so I guess I was too busy!  I am very thankful for my friend Parker and my Mom for staying with us and helping out :)

Justin got home early Saturday morning.  We missed him a lot!!  He wanted to get yard work out of the way so we decided to go outside with him and try out the pool Aunt Darcy got us!

Despite the look on Max's face, they had a great time!!  My two little fishes!

We celebrated Father's Day with my Dad on Saturday night.  We met at our favorite restaurant, Village Tavern.  We had a great time and M and C did good too :)

This morning we started celebrating how wonderful Justin is with a few gifts. 

Shutterfly is great :)
I have known since day one of meeting Justin that he would be a fabulous dad.  Seeing him interact with Max and Claire is the most beautiful thing.  He is so great with them and loves them SO much!  I couldn't have asked for a better husband and father of my children.  Much of that comes from his Father's love and the example he has set for him.  Thank you!  I'm equally as lucky to have such an awesome Dad!

hanging with Daddy is the best!

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