Saturday, September 24, 2011

Claire 8 Months

The Bear.  Oh Miss Claire, you are a mess!  We love you so much and talk about you ALL.THE.TIME!  You are growing up so fast and I swear you do something new each day.  Right now you are on the verge of crawling.  Usually, you roll across the floor.  I can't take my eye off you for a second.  I put a large blanket on the floor, but you would rather be scraping your hands on the carpet.  You are full of personality!  You have no problem letting us know how you feel.  Recently you have been a real Mama's girl.  The other day you cried when Big Ted, Lindsay and Parker held you.  I love when you want to cuddle with me bc that doesn't happen often.  You squish your nose up and have a "cheese" smile when you are happy or think something's funny.  Daddy loves it!  You smile more than people realize.  Actually you smile all the time, it's just hard to catch you on camera.

You love to eat.  I just started introducing stage 3 foods. The other night I made you chicken/sweet potatoes and carrots and you loved it!  I am going to try to do better at making your food.  You take four bottles a day and solids twice, although starting Monday we will do three times a day.  I also need to start giving you more finger foods.  You always put your hand in your mouth and reach for the spoon so I think you are ready.  You have had pieces of banana, avocado, puffs, yogurt melts and baby mum mums.  You get excited when you see the puff/melt bag!!

You sleep pretty well.  Usually you go to bed around 7:15 and wake up at 6/6:15.  You have been doing much better at naps which makes us all happy ;)  We still watch Baby Einstein in the mornings while I pump.  It holds your attention the best.  You and Max love the puppets so BeeBee went and got you some!
She also got you a swing for the back yard.  Unfortunately it has rained almost every day since we put it up, but we will definitely use it when it clears up.

You wear a size 3 diaper, although you probably could still wear a 2, it's just easier to buy one size and there is no way Max is going to wear a 2!  Most of your clothes are 6-12 mo and a few 9 mo outfits.  I think you are about 17 lbs now.  You have two bottom teeth.
You babble ALL the time!  I think your first babble was mamamama, but now all you say is dadadadada.  It's the cutest!


  1. So have you started thinking about the 1 year party... because I have and I want to know all the ideas!!

  2. I have!! I've been doing a lot of "pinning". I am awful at making a decision... right now I am thinking about an owl theme. I also saw an invitation on pinterest that said "calling all party animals" so it could just be animal theme?? who knows! Maybe I'll just pick a few colors I like and keep it simple! Have you already planned it?