Monday, September 26, 2011

Max 8 Months

Oh, Max Man!  My big boy!  I can't believe I am already writing about your eight month.  You are now mobile.  You have been rocking for a while, but now you are pulling yourself along the carpet/rugs.  It's not quite an army crawl bc you use both hands at the same time, but it gets you where you want to go and fast!  This afternoon I left you and Claire positioned on the blanket what I thought was perfect positioning when I went to get the BOB out of the car and I came back in to find you at one end of the room and Claire at the other.  Oh.My.Word.  I'm in trouble!  You have moved your hands twice to try and do the traditional crawl.  Daddy and I have been cheering for you.
You love to give kisses (at least that's what I think they are!)  You will usually pull my hair on both sides and come at my face with an open mouth - sometimes you grab my cheeks to pull me in and do it with a huge grin on your face! it's the cutest.
You are the sweetest boy.  Daddy always says, "he's the Max Man"  Recently you have been babbling up a storm - mostly saying dadadada, although it's not to Dada.  You wake up with the biggest smile and sweetest voice*.  While we are on the waking up topic - you have been waking up entirely too early.  I'm not sure what your deal is.  Today you woke up at 5:15 and that is not ok!  I usually bring you in our room so you don't wake up Claire.  Your a pretty good napper and if you don't have your third nap, you get quite fussy- even if it's just a 45 min nap, you need it.  bath time is your favorite! You love to splash and play with toys.

You are a great eater!  We just recently started stage 3 foods and I have decided to be brave enough to feed you more finger foods.  Today at Costco, I gave you and Claire a sample of mac and cheese and you did great!  Tomorrow morning I might get real crazy and make you an egg yolk omelet!  We also just added breakfast to the schedule, making three meals a day along with your four bottles.  You love your bottle. Being a new mom, I didn't know to up the nipple size on your bottles, so until a few weeks ago, you have been at stage one!....which you like bc you never want your bottle to end!

You wear a size 3 diaper and most of your clothes are 9/12 months.  You are very long and the past couple of people to see you, comment about you looking like a toddler...but don't worry, you are still my baby.

*We love your sweet voice BUT you also whine.  Alot.  It's not cute and it's really annoying!  I'm on the lookout for a signing dvd so maybe that will help you tell us what you want instead of whining all the time!

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  1. My girls scream, not sure if that's worse or better than whining! We are at 2 bottles and 3 meals a day! So fun to hear the different schedules! I started with a hard boiled egg for finger food fun and they liked it... BIG mess but yummy for them! Omelet is next!