Monday, November 28, 2011

Road trip x3

So here we are 7:00pm
Monday night and I've made my second road trip in 24 hours. We went to Atlanta for thanksgiving, came back last night at 10 and I was back on the road this morning at 11:45. Today I left my precious babies for the first time. I left them at home with Justin so I could go to Virginia with my parents. Tomorrow my sister-in-law is having a C-section and I will be an aunt to two precious baby girls..... Yes, you read that right, girls. My brother is having TWINS!!!
I am super sad to be away from my babies but so glad I get to meet my nieces on the day they are born!!

We are also coming home tomorrow so that will make a total of 21 hours In three days!

I'm so behind on blogging! Hopefully Wednesday when Max and Claire go to school, I can catch up on their individual 10 month post and Thanksgiving!

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