Thursday, November 24, 2011

So Thankful!

Today as we sat around the dining room table surrounded by family we love and delicious food, I realize how thankful I am. Last year I was spending thanksgiving in the hospital with my wonderful nurses. I remember the day perfectly. I had showered and actually put on something besides sweats, listened to Christmas music and patiently waited for my family to bring me their Thanksgiving leftovers.
I remember being cooped up in the bed wishing I was out looking at Christmas lights, listening to Christmas music, shopping, going to Christmas parties and just sleeping in my own bed! I vowed not to complain about Christmas music coming on so early, traffic, etc! But to enjoy life's moments and be thankful for all I did have.
Claire and Max had their first thanksgiving dinner. Claire gobbled up the turkey, cranberry, stuffing and a few bites of orange. Max mostly wanted his baby food but did have some stuffing and oranges.
Tomorrow we are going to a Christmas tree farm with grandma and grandpa. I'm so so excite! I've never been to one before.

I have the most wonderful family and so blessed to have one of my own now.

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