Sunday, February 19, 2012

More, Please!

This morning Max Man gave us an unexpected sign!!  He signed "more"!!!!  I was so shocked!  I've been showing them that for a few weeks, and now, in the past two days, Max has signed "more" and "please"!!  I am so proud of him.  I think he got tired of us always praising Claire for signing "please".  I didn't even ask him to say more, he did it all on his own!!  My sweet boy!!  That helped make up for the whining he did ALL day today.
My baby girl!

they have also been talking up a storm!  
Words they can say:
Doggy (Claire) Dog-Dog (Max)

Claire can also say "shoes" and I think she has been saying "Ma" for Max!
Max can say "ba" for ball and he is starting to sign it too!

If we say, "where is your hair?" or "where is your nose?" they can point to hair and nose.

They are also misbehaving at meals.  They intentionally put food in their hair and will throw food on the floor.  Claire started the putting food in her hair... then Max started imitating.  Now as soon as I say "NO" or "please don't put food in your hair" or "let's not throw our food on the floor", they do it all at once... throw food on floor and put food in hair... and with a smile on their face.  I usually give them two chances, then I get them down.  Tonight, I turned Max's chair around facing the wall!  I didn't know what else to do!  Any suggestions?!

On another note, I've been busy in the kitchen today.  Thanks to Pinterest!
I made toffee saltines and started a quick bread for tomorrow!
Of course, I can't ever follow directions.. I always have to add or do something different.

This recipe is so easy!  All you do is layer one sleeve of saltine crackers (mine were whole wheat), melt butter and brown sugar then pour over crackers.   Bake in preheated (475) oven for 5-6 minutes then spread white chocolate and butterscotch chips over top.  Let cool then break apart!  I did not have 1 c of white chocolate or butterscotch so I also used dark chocolate and semi sweet chocolate chips! AND I sprinkled some toffee on Justin's side!
I can already feel it on my thighs! ha!

And the dough is resting and will be ready for me to cook tomorrow morning!!

Last thing - Promise!!  It snowed today!! It was 60something yesterday and snowed a few inches today!  Crazy North Carolina winters!


  1. Princess A says Mama, Dada, and shoes. Oh and she likes to brush her hair! I think we're in trouble!

  2. I have made these before. So easy and yummy. Always a hit.