Sunday, February 5, 2012


Recently I have been trying to be more consistent with signing to Max and Claire. They aren't that interested in the video I bought a few months ago so I decided to choose a word or two a week to teach them. Friday, Claire signed "please" for the first time!! It is so cute!! Now when she wants something all I have to do is, "Claire, what do you say to mommy" and she'll sign please!!! So proud of her..... Max on the other hand, is taking a little longer to catch on. I have just added "thank you" so hopefully we will see that soon too!

I also had a chance to peek in on them at mother's morning out. This is through the window while they are in music class. They have so much fun!
Later that day we went to the park to swing

There was only one baby swing so they took turns playing on the ground.

Yesterday we laid low at the house.

They love tackling daddy!!

Today all four of us went to the grocery store. Max and Claire drove the cart

Mom and I went to Old Navy to return something and had to check out the baby section. Oh. My. Word. Their new spring line is sooooo cute!!! I wanted to buy everything I saw!!
After shopping mom and dad came over to watch the first half of the Super Bowl. I just stuffed my face and will pay for it on the scale tomorrow. I think I ate my weight in Brie cheese :) .... I was thinking the calories were cancelled out bc I dipped apples in it?!

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  1. I did sign language with my daughter but fell off the boat with my son :( He does know "more", "drink", and "eat". Go figure that my pork chop knows all the food related ones! I've already ordered both kids a bunch of spring/summer stuff from old navy. Everything is really cute this year plus it's totally affordable!