Monday, October 1, 2012

Wedding and Night Away!

Last Thursday all four of us piled in the minivan and headed to Atlanta for my cousin's wedding.  We stayed with Justin's parents Thursday and Friday night, then stayed at a hotel the night of the wedding.
It was so nice to be able to see all my family and equally as nice to spend time with the in-laws.
I was a part of the wedding by being a reader (OMG! but it went fine!).  My aunt held a brunch Friday for all the girls.  It was so beautiful and she did everything herself!


I have to say all the food this weekend was out of this world!  Brunch, rehearsal dinner and wedding.
Unfortunately, Justin stayed home from the rehearsal dinner.  He has had a 101 temp* since last Sunday.  He wanted to rest up and be ready for the wedding.  
The wedding was perfect and my cousin looked like a movie star!
 Pre-wedding pictures with the family

 Stunning Bride!

 The father-daughter dance was awesome!! They danced to Proud Mary.

 The wedding was in the middle of the afternoon, therefore, many guys were missing a huge rival football game: University of Georgia vs. University of Tennessee.  It's ironic bc two of my cousins went to UT and the other two went to UGA!  Justin sported his UGA belt so everyone would know who he was rooting for.  The below picture is a group of guys on their iphones trying to watch the game... all UT fans.  Sorry for them, they lost! Happy for me bc UGA won and that meant Justin would have a good night!
Her dress was so pretty.  I am mad that I don't have a good picture of her veil.  It was amazing!
 My hot date!

Justin and my cousin were having a little too much fun with the flower arrangements?!

....And they're off!

Thanks to Justin's parents for keeping the kiddos, we had the night to ourselves.  It was great.  We went to bed before midnight and didn't get out of bed til almost 9!!! Can't even describe how nice it was!  His parents sent us a txt that morning saying the kids didn't wake up until 7:45!!!  Hopefully this will be a trend that will stay for a while!

Ready for our next wedding in November!  I love weddings :)


  1. Beautiful! Sleeping in must have been great.

  2. Gorgeous pictures of you two. Looks like a fun weekend!

  3. You look beautiful, I love your dress! What a fun weekend with family, and even a night away just the two of you.