Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First day of school!

Today was the day!  I might have been more excited than Max and Claire!  This week they were easing the kids into the new schedule.  Instead of 9-1, they went 9-11.
I was hoping they would sleep in til at least 7 so we could have a good morning and not worry about morning nap...but that was not the case.  6:19 was when they decided to wake up and 7:45 was when they decided they did NOT want to take a quick nap!
So off to school we went -with no nap.
Got my backpack and ready to GO!
I really wanted to get a good one of them together, but they were ready to go and not wanting a camera in their face.  

Such a big girl!

They went right in and started playing with toys.  Max fussed for a minute, but then found the trucks!
 Sadly, Claire's boyfriend Trevor is in a younger class, but her other buddy Ellis is keeping her company!
Their teachers said they had a great time!  They have a picnic tomorrow (for the whole school) and won't go back until Friday.  Next week they will start their 9-1 Tues/Fri schedule!! This Mommy is ready!

They were exhausted when we got home.  We had an early lunch and I put them down for naps at 12:30.  Claire woke up crying around 1:15 and would not settle down.  I went to check on her and ended up taking her out of the room so Max could sleep.  She was so upset, and I still don't know why. Max woke up shortly after, so it made for a long, whiny day! 

Some unrelated housekeeping....
This past weekend we had a family sleepover at our friend's house.  It was a day of football.  We watched the UGA game at home then headed over to their house for the night games.  Another family stayed too - one big sleepover!  (We stayed so the Moms wouldn't have to go home early and no one had to worry about drinking and driving)
There were actually 8 kids! (4 and under!)

And here is a video of Claire's new dance moves! Please excuse her Flock of Seagulls hair do!

Hopefully tomorrow I can post about my "real" food eating and some new recipes I have come up with!


  1. With those backpacks they look SO grown up!!!!

  2. Oh my gosh, I almost teared up looking at those school pictures!! They definitely look all grown up. And those are some killer dance moves lil' miss has going on! :)