Thursday, October 18, 2012

New mom goodies

I have a lot of friends that are pregnant or have just had babies with the majority being their second kid. I usually take some homemade Mac and cheese and/or a sweet treat. However, yesterday while I spent way too much time on pinterest, I saw a great idea. This lady had a tray and filled it with main dish, side, bread, dessert, breakfast and paper plates!
So I put myself to work tonight. I was in the kitchen for over two hours, made a huge mess and had a whole lotta fun!

I ended up making mac and cheese, pumpkin pancakes, and chocolate chip cookie bars. I also added vanilla yogurt and some apples and I will go buy some veggies on my way to her house tomorrow. I may even pick up another sweet. Justin said my cookies weren't sweet enough!

And a few pics of my babes!

We went to my friend's house this morning to decorate pumpkins. She has 3.5 year old twin boys!

I took their picture with the pumpkins the first day we brought them home and now every time we go up the steps, Claire says "bottom. Cheese!" meaning, sit on your bottom and say cheese! Every time! And it always puts a huge smile on my face :)

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  1. What a great idea for new moms! I still remember the groceries one of my friends brought when I had just been home a few days. Still one of the best gifts I have ever received...I am sure your friend will feel the same.

    Isn't pumpkin painting so much better than carving??

  2. The meal idea is a great one! We would have one meal brought over, not meals for an entire day!

    Your kiddos sure came up with some pretty fantastic looking pumpkins! We still need to go buy some, before they are all picked over at the store.

  3. What a good friend you are and I might have to do that when my next friend has a baby!