Thursday, November 29, 2012

22 down, 2 to go

Here I am.  I have survived the first 22 months of parenthood. I know I said this last month, and the months before, but damn....month 21 was super challenging!  I'm exhausted.  But at the same time I am super grateful for my two precious babies. - yes, they are still my babies.
Claire is now saying 2, 3, and 4 word sentences and it catches me by surprise every time.  She mimics almost everything I do and sometimes knows what I am going to do before I do it!  Today, she threw her cup at lunch and I gave her "the" look and she just popped her own hand.  She popped herself, anticipating my next move.....clearly that is not an effective way to punish her!  She is also my eyes.  She tattles on Max all them time.  "Max, NO, NO!" then she comes running to get me to show me what he is doing.
She has very good manners.  She almost always says "please", "thank you" and "excuse me" on her own.  She can also be sneaky!  If she's playing a game on my iphone and she hears us tell Max he can have Daddy's IPad, she quickly says, "here Max" and tries to give him my phone bc she knows the Ipad is bigger!
She can count to two. She says "one, two, one, two" hasn't quite caught on to the three yet!  She knows  some colors: purple, pink, blue, orange, red and yellow
She has hit a major growth spurt!  She is definitely wearing a 2T.
size 4 diaper
size 6 shoe
Favorite things: Loves wearing jewelry, playing outside, The Wiggles, dancing, music (Row, Row, Row Your Boat, You are My Sunshine, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Wheels on the Bus, Brown Squirrel)

 The Buds.  Max can be the sweetest toddler in the world, or the biggest terror!  I'm struggling with how to deal with the terror.  He hits, throws and pushes when something doesn't go how he wants.  I have noticed that this usually just happens with our family...meaning he doesn't show this anger with our friends, at school or at the gym.  I've tried time outs, spanking, attempting to talk in a calm manner.... and I haven't gotten anywhere.
He does know when he is wrong, bc he will quickly go give Claire a hug and say he's sorry and give her a hug and a kiss.
Max is saying 2-3 word sentences and is saying a few new words.  We are working on colors and he has a few down! (blue, red and orange)
Buds has become a very picky eater.  Will not even touch something if it's green.  I still try to make smoothies with spinach a couple times a week bc he loves those.  Peanut butter is his favorite.
He is obsessed with all things trucks and says, "wow" every time we pass them on the road.
Our big boy is now wearing some 3T clothes!
Size 5/6 diaper
Size 8.5-9 shoe
Favorite things: Paci (how am I going to take this away!?), trucks, cars, balls, playing outside, music and dance

 They are starting to "sleep in" a little.  By sleep in, I mean 6:15!   They nap once a day.  On a good day, they sleep three hours, but average is 2-2.5.
Most of our days involve the gym, play dates with our friends and  going to the Children's Museum.

Birthday countdown is on!  I will hopefully figure out bday invitations and get them sent out after Christmas!


  1. First of all, they are precious!

    Secondly, I have a 19 month old little girl and things are definitely getting tough at this age.

    For discipline, the Moms on Call No Nonsense Toddler book has been an AWESOME resource. It has these great "cheat sheets" at the back for certain behaviors and what you should say and do or not do. It's really great!

    1. Thank you! I will have to check that out!!

    2. Hey! Here is a link to the page with their books. We've been using Moms on Call since she was born, first for sleeping and stuff and now we are using the Toddler book. It's great. I love those ladies sooo much!

  2. I love the details you have recorded for each of them. Their personalities are so evident!

    Claire is my Emily--she is so verbal and she loves to use her words to tattle on her brother!

    And Max is our Drew--hard-headed and resistant to all of my various discipline tactics!!

  3. I love that Claire scolds herself. She sounds like SUCH a smart girl, seriously!! And Max, Max is a boy. I'm sure it's tough to try and correct that behavior. I'm not sure what I would do in your case other than what you've already tried.