Sunday, December 2, 2012

Playing catch up

I am so behind these days.  Last weekend we got our Christmas tree and brought down all of our decorations.  This was probably the smoothest decorating day we have had.  It might have to do with ME going in the attic so I didn't have to hear Justin complain every step or every time be bonked his head :) I can assure you after the hell i've given him in the past, I was going to do it with a smile on my face!
We have one fake tree and one real tree.  The fake tree is my "nice" tree.  It's where I put my nice, breakable ornaments.  The color tree is real and has kid friendly and fun ornaments.
 I let them put on the light weight and soft ornaments!
 Playing with the dancing snowmen!

We have had some issues since the tree has been up.  I'm so glad we put the soft ornaments on bottom, bc a certain toddler likes to throw them.  I have told them that they can say hi to the tree and it is just to look at.  The first thing they do when they wake up is come say "hi" to the tree and ask me to turn the "yights" on! Claire says, "oh, pretty" a lot!  Max has learned how to plug/unplug the lights.  This does not make me happy!  Thankfully, they do not mess with my nice tree.

(i'll have to do another post with finished trees.  Apparently, all those pics are on my phone)

This weekend while Justin was away watching the SEC championship, we were busy going to a parade!  I'm so thankful for my good friend who helped keep watch on my toddlers.  We got there a little late so the kids spent most of their time on our shoulders so they could see!
 The Gills minus Charlotte, plus Claire!

 It was 70 degrees!  
Claire with her best bud, Trevor
Max and Claire were excited to see Thomas!

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  1. We have been having some trials with our Christmas tree too. Glad they aren't messing with your "nice" tree, that would be a lot more stressful. Look at you with those two in your arms! I bet you have some big guns! haha :)