Monday, November 19, 2012

Twin love

I've posted a lot of pictures of #twinlove on instagram (KFredrick).  I can't get enough of their sweet hugs!
Big squeeze!

I love that they do this on their own!

She loves showing off her boots!

My buds looked so handsome and grown up!
Of course with this love, we also have hits and pushes.  I've got to figure something out - any tips are welcome :) Max hits and pushes hard and he thinks it's funny.  No one else does!

Also, check out Cherry Pie Twins.  She is one of my favorite bloggers and has collected twin advice from several twin Moms.


  1. I could never get tired of seeing pictures of your two hugging. Adorable!!

  2. I really don't think they could be any cuter.

  3. I agree! Twin hugs are the best!!

    (until it turns into wrestling. Wait. Are my two the only ones who do that??)