Sunday, January 13, 2013

I've been MIA.  We have been so busy with birthday parties and enjoying some beautiful, unseasonal warm weather in NC!

Yesterday we went to our third birthday party of the month.  We still have two more to go, with the last one being ours!

I wish I had taken more pics.  Max and Claire are lucky to have such good friends and I am super lucky they all have cool Moms!

I forgot to buy a birthday card so I let them make one.  They saw me write "Happy Birthday Max" in marker so of course they wanted to draw with them.

They did a good job of not getting it on the table...but Max had it all over his hands and some on his face and shirt.  Definitely a craft that has to be 100% monitored!

Today (as well as yesterday) was around 70 degrees.  We had a great family day.  We went to church, Costco, had a good nap, went for a run, played at the park and took Max and Claire to get frozen yogurt after dinner.
They were so excited to have yogurt!  Max finished his quickly and said, "I need more"!!  That is his new saying, "I need..." He was such a sweet boy today. I wish everyday could be like today!


  1. All of the new sayings are great, aren't they?! I love this age.

  2. I would need more frozen yogurt too Max if I were you! I'm jealous that you had 70 degree weather, we had about 20 degree weather and it was COLD!

  3. Your bows are always so perfect! I'm not 100% a fan of the HUGE bows people put in their girls and LOVE your size!! :)