Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mini Me

If you follow me on instagram (kfredrick), then you have already seen this picture.  Justin (and a few others) have always said Claire is a "mini me".  Not necessarily in looks, but in actions and facial expressions.  Well, it's true and even more evident this week.

We were playing outside yesterday and Claire came and sat next to me in the same position I was sitting. ha!  She really is a piece of work.  She does this a lot.  Today, I was sitting with my legs crossed on the sofa and she did her best to get in the same position!

I do need to be careful.  In the winter, Justin grows out his facial hair.  I am not a big fan and very much dislike kissing a scruffy face.  Apparently Claire has been watching my reaction if he tries to kiss me and tonight she told him he needed to shave! - and wouldn't give him a kiss tonight!  ....funny thing is, he just shaved yesterday!  Little rascal!

Still need to do my 24 mo post... maybe tomorrow......maybe if I don't get woken up at 4:45am again

1 comment:

  1. Hahahaha, look at her trying so hard to get her leg up there just right. I can't get over the cuteness and how observant she is!