Sunday, January 27, 2013

Trucks and Tiaras

Saturday was our big birthday party.  We celebrated with a Trucks and Tiaras theme at The Little Gym.  We had 18 kids including Max and Claire!  The kids played for an hour, then had pizza and cake.
The party did not start until 5:30 and ended at 7.  I would have liked an earlier party, but this is all they had available.  Claire was very tired and clingy towards the end.  Besides the time, they had a blast.  I think they were the most excited to be with all of their friends!

One of the only pics of them together

It was kind of chaotic at the beginning.  They had them sit in a circle and say all their names.  It took a while, especially for 1-3 year olds who just wanted to be out playing on all the equipment.

Claire with her good buddy, Jack!

The Buds

 I had bought Claire both of these party hats and brought Max's crown from school....although he wanted to wear one of Claire's!
That was one of the hard things about a truck themed party.  the only truck item I found was a truck balloon.  The rest of the decorations were either cars, trains or fire trucks.

I wasn't thrilled with their cakes.  They were too decorative for me.  We had so much cake left over. I was worried we wouldn't have enough so I made two batches of cupcakes as well....Max's cake was never touched and is still in our refrigerator! 
The Little Gym only gives you an hour and a half.  That includes play, cake, presents, etc.  Since we did a night party, we had pizza as well.  This did not leave any time for presents, so we saved those to open at home.  Max and Claire were exhausted, but not too tired to open a few presents!

 new capes from Nanny!

 Max was obsessed with this Car.  We haven't bought any Disney movies yet, but have a feeling Cars will be our first one!

 Claire is obsessed with this Apptivity monkey.  She takes it everywhere and has been sleeping with it!

rain boots were another big hit!

 BLOCKS.  They love these....but they take up so much room.  Our playroom is overflowing so we put these in the living room... need to find a way to organize their toys and maximize the space we have.

What a great bday week they had!  They received so many thoughtful gifts, but were the most excited to be with all the people they love!


  1. Great pictures Kelly and the family one up top is perfect! Still can't get over how big Max is and he looks like a 2.5 or 3 year old here! Glad you had such a good time with so many of their friends!

  2. I love your pics!! Looks like such a fun party! I can't believe how big they are! Such beautiful children!! Hope to see you guys soon.

  3. How fun! It does sound like a lot to cram into an hour and a half, but hopefully you weren't too stressed trying to get it all done. They are two very blessed kiddos with all those family and friends there to share in their special day.