Sunday, March 24, 2013

Paci extension

Easter is quickly approaching and I'm starting to get scared.  I have been wanting to get rid of Max and Claire's boppy's (paci) since they turned two.  When their birthday rolled around we decided to make the boppy stay in bed for nap and night time only.  That has worked well.  I had planned on them giving their boppys to the Easter Bunny.  BUT they are finally sleeping well and even sleeping past 7am!  This is huge!

Right around bday

While I did take away daytime boppy, I never took them out of the car or out of the BOB.  I have always kept one attached to their carseats and stroller.  Now that Easter is less than a week away, I'm thinking we will give car and stroller boppys to the Easter Bunny?  baby steps!

I know it needs to be done, I'm just not ready to pull the trigger!
Those of you who have children with pacis, when did you take it away?  How long (or did it) effect their sleep?


  1. We took Macey's away at 17 moths cold turkey. I took it one Friday morning and she was fine that day. Fussed a little bit the next day, but nothing bad. We just distracted her with something else when she asked for it. The third day was good until bed time. She cried and cried for it. Eventually fell asleep and that was the last time she ever mentioned it! Good luck!

  2. I wanted Chloe's to be gone at 12 months, but it didn't happen until 18 months. She pretty much only had it at naps and bedtime, so the Friday before her 18 month birthday she did without during naptime and did OK. Then that night she did great, until we realized she had hidden one in her bed and had it in her mouth. It had only been a few minutes since we put her down and she was still awake, so I did the horrible mom thing and went in her room and took it right out of her mouth. Cue tears. But the rest of the weekend she did great! Cried for 5-10 minutes anytime we put her down without it, but that was it. It was the easiest transition and I totally didn't give her enough credit. Just a few weeks ago she found a pacifier (not one of her normal ones) and just played with it. We pulled out one of her regular ones to see what she would do. She stared at it for a minute, then started playing with it like the other toys she had out. Only put it in her mouth for a few seconds the entire time she was playing with it. That showed us that we were over the pacifier hurdle. Good luck! They might surprise you with how well they do giving it up. I will say that not having it in the car was probably the hardest. Now instead of having the pacifier, we make sure and have snacks on hand in case she gets fussy.

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  4. At about a year old, we switched Drew to only when he's napping or at night and then around 14 months, we pulled it from naps. Around 15 months we pulled it from nighttime. Let me tell you I was SUPER scared to do this as this momma loves her sleep but Drew was a CHAMP! It was like two rough nights and then he was used to it! I know a lot of toddlers around M & C's age do well with 'stories' so maybe you could make up a whole thing about how the Easter Bunny was going to come and bring lots of gifts, but in exchange he has to take their pacifiers. With my experience, we go cold turkey with Drew on things (sleepsack, crib, paci, etc) and it works better than slowly taking it away. :)