Thursday, September 12, 2013

Super deals!

It's almost fall and I love this time of year.  Cool mornings, coffee, sweats, blankets, snuggles and Consignment Sales!
I racked up on some pretty sweet deals tonight.  I may have gotten a little carried away with things for Claire, BUT she should be set for the next few months!  I had shopped for Max some this summer but he still needs a few shirts and one or two more pair of pants.

Some of my best finds included: Uggs for $10, Barney and Batman costumes for $2 each, a snowsuit for $4 and this great princess vanity/piano for $15.  They are both obsessed with the piano and  I know they will be super excited about the costumes.  Both of them love to play dress up, but don't have any dress up clothes... now they do!  They still had their tags on them! Score!  Thinking I may go back on Saturday for the 1/2 price items!


  1. Alexa would FREAK over that piano lol

    Great shopping!

  2. Nice job! I hit up the consignment sale a few weeks ago and I'm trying to avoid going to more, but I don't think my will is strong enough. Those things get addicting!