Thursday, September 5, 2013


Tuesday started our first day of preschool! All three of us were very excited!  The first week they ease them in and only go 9-11, and will regular hours next week (9-1).

I am really excited about their school year!  I'm also excited that they encourage them to go potty if they are not potty trained.  Claire went to school in panties today, but had an accident :( Proud of her for wanting to go in panties! We are getting there! and I know we will be there soon with their help!!
Max wore a diaper, but when I picked him up he wanted to go on the potty!  He did and they gave him a treat for it :)

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  1. Such big kiddos! Sounds like they had a great first day and I bet they will be totally potty trained in no time!