Wednesday, December 10, 2014

19 weeks

I've been slacking with the weekly updates of #3.... i blame that mostly on I don't like my pregnant look this time around! Last time I seemed to be mostly belly, this time i'm getting larger everywhere!

Dec. 10, 2010, four years ago, was when I was able to come home from hospital bed rest!  It's crazy to think I was on bed rest for 10 weeks, six in the hospital!

18w 5d

I just look fat.  It def. shows more when I wear maternity pants.  These are just my regular Hue leggings.... pretty much my uniform.

How far along: 18w 5d
Weight gain: 14 lbs
Symptoms: I've noticed some varicose veins on my thigh :(
Best moment this week: Gender Reveal! It's a girl!!
Looking forward to: next u/s the week of Christmas!
What I miss: workout classes.  I've been walking about 3 days a week and I'm bored.  Honestly, I've been going to the gym for quiet time and to read!

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  1. You don't look fat at all! I think you look amazing for 19 weeks with baby #3!!