Friday, March 30, 2012

Moms of Multiples

Today I am linking up with Kelly's Korner.  The Show us Your Life today is a link up for Moms of Multiples.  I have been looking forward to this and hoping to have a great post... but the past few days have been crazy, and well, no post was written :)

I am an extremely blessed Mom to 14 mo B/G twins.  Max and Claire were born on Jan. 22, 2011 at 36w6d.  Besides 10 weeks on bed rest (4 at home and 6 in hospital) I had a great pregnancy.
They keep us very busy, but we are loving every second of it!  Claire has been walking for two months, and Max is taking a few steps here and there.  We love watching them grow and so proud of who they are becoming!!

First Birthday Party!
HUGE fan of cake :)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mahi Mahi

One of my best friends from HS came over tonight.  She loves to cook and every time we get together we try to make a new, delicious meal!  I subscribe to Cooking Light and The Food Network magazines, yet I rarely cook recipes out of them.... but tonight we did!!
We made Mahi Mahi with Asparagus and Almond Sauce.  We also made a steamed artichoke for an appetizer!  They were both delicious!!

It was really easy to make!  I'll definitely have to make this for Justin soon!  It was also nice to have some girl time ;)

We had another beautiful afternoon, so Max, Claire and I played outside.

 Look at those cheeks!!

 Our little diva!

The Buds!

We have been having fun, but sooooo ready for Daddy to be home tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

14 Months

14 months and 5 days to be exact.  I love the toddlers they are becoming, but so not ready for them to be so grown up!  Claire walks around swinging her arms and justa talking away!  Max man is still not walking.  He could if he really wanted to.  He'll stand up, flash a huge grin, take 3/4 steps, then lean forward.  He is getting really heavy to carry, so I wouldn't be opposed to him walking NOW!

As you can see, there is not a dull moment in our house.  These two are non stop all day.  They can be super sweet to each other one minute and hitting each other on the head the next.  Some days I feel like a referee.  What's it going to be like in 5-10 years?!
Sleep is ok.  They go to bed b/t 7-7:30 and on average, wake up at 6.  This morning it was closer to 5:15, but i made them whine and stay in their cribs til almost 6.  I think that's reasonable.  Occasionally, we will get lucky and they will sleep in til 6:30!  Recently I have been wandering if we need to drop our morning nap.  Would that help?  Since they get up so early, they go down for morning nap around 8:15 -9:45/10 and an afternoon nap around 1:30.  Those naps can be 1.5-3hrs.
They are both big eaters.  Favorites include: Amy's organic mac and cheese shells, tortellini, boca chicken nuggets, fish sticks, avocado, bananas,  Kashi blueberry waffles, and a broc/pear combo I make.  They snack on cheerios, cheddar bunnies or goldfish, dried fruit or crackers.
They talk up a storm and understand many words and phrases.  Currently they say: Mommy/Mama, Daddy/Dada, ball, shoes, doggy/dogdog and Claire says baby all the time!  They sign: please, more, food/eat, ball, bird, thank you (Max) and I'm going to start signing "play" this week.  I wish I could understand their babble bc it is so cute.  If you ask Claire where something is, she puts her hand out like "I don't know".  Max washes his feet in the bathtub!  Bath is one of their favorite times of the day.  I can't wait to take them to the pool this summer!
They both wear 12-18 months.  Max is starting to move into the 18-24.  Size 4 diapers.
I'm already 14 months!??!
Some of their favorite things to do are: swing, climb, play at the Children's Museum, balls, runs/walks in the park to see the doggies,  play with friends at play group and spend time with Mommy and Daddy.

Their smiles, hugs, smell and voices melt my heart.  How did we get so lucky.  I love them more than any word can express.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Low key weekend

Friday we decided to take Claire to the doctor- turns out she has a double ear infection on top of breaking three teeth! Poor baby! Saturday we brought down our spring/summer clothes and cleaned our closets. Saturday night we decided to go out to dinner-just the four of us!

We went to Mellow Mushroom. I love their food!! We got there early to avoid the crowd.

Max and Claire split a Mac and cheese with apples and a piece of pizza. They love to eat!! We let them try coloring while waiting on our food.

Claire was more interested in eating the crayon! Figures :)

Check please!

We left just as it was starting to down pour and hail so we drove around a little

Last night Claire woke up crying around 2:30am. She had a temp of 102.7. She couldn't get comfortable so she and I slept on the couch. She still doesn't feel well. I came home from the store to find this

We are going on a three hour nap now! - both of them!
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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood!

Wow! The weather recently has been so beautiful.  I'm in love!  The sun just makes me a happier person.
Thank goodness the weather was so beautiful and I was happy.... because the babes were a handful today.  We did have a good start with sippy cups.  (I got a little cocky, bc their Claire's night time milk did not go well). They took a decent nap and we were off to the gym.  I was having a great workout and I was 2.5 miles into my run when  I heard my name paged to the nursery.  Claire had been crying and wouldn't stop.  Recently she has been very clingy, I mean, EXTRA clingy and doesn't like when I leave her.  She even does this at home.  She clings to my legs and if I'm holding her, she has death grip on my arm.  Not sure where this is coming from.  So we left, went to Target, came home, had lunch, played, visited with my Dad, then down for nap #2.  FAIL.  She was up 35 minutes later.  I went in with some ibuprofen, hoping she would go back to sleep.  Nope.
I was able to get her to cuddle for a few minutes, but we ended up outside walking in her new squeak shoes.   While she was crying I noticed she was getting TWO molars!  That might explain some of the fussiness and waking up so darn early!  Is it weird to get the molars before the front teeth. (not the two front teeth, but the ones beside them?)
Max woke up about an hour later and we went on a run.  (total 4.25 today!) and played outside.
The buds!  Loves his hat!
haha! Max looks like he is raising his hand "my turn"
This is the face she makes right before she does something silly or something she knows she's not supposed to do!
(Excuse picture quality.  I was playing with different settings - Obviously, I did not get what I was trying to do!.... one day I'll figure it out!)

Max and Claire are 14 months old today!  We had our onesies on, ready to do our monthly pics,  but they were too fussy... maybe Saturday when Daddy is home ;)

OH... anyone watch the new show on ABC, "Missing"?  It's pretty good! reminds me of the movie, "Taken"

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Chick decal!

If you HOP over to Itsy Bitsy Paper, you can download these super cute "chick" onesies!!

While you are there, check out her stationary too!  She does amazing and is so great to work with!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

New kicks

*warning*... picture overload

First, this has been a fabulous weekend!  My brother and his family and my best friend from Florida came in town. Second, I have some wonderful pics of Max and Claire!

Mom and I took Max and Claire to get a new pair of shoes.  We went to Sills, a place that I went to when I was a kid.  The store looks the exact same!  Green leather couches, a fountain, and the same clerk!!  It was awesome!
I can't believe I did it, but I bought her the squeaker shoes.  She loved them!  She walked around with a huge grin on her face, would stop, make them squeak, then start walking again!  Max had a slim selection.  His feet are an extra, extra wide!  I wanted to get him some cute navy keds, but they run narrow.  We got him some cute summer sneakers.

My best friend spoiled them with the cutest outfits and sunglasses!

We also took some pictures at my grandparent's old house.
Chick Magnet!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Green play date!

Today was our turn for play group.  Since St. Patty's day is Saturday, we made it a "green" theme.  I made cupcakes and made the icing green and put some pretty green sprinkles on them!  And, thanks to Pinterest, I put them in plastic cups to keep them from tipping over!

Instead of meeting at our house, we met at a nearby park.  This park is perfect for all ages.  It has four baby swings and a toddler play area - along with an old basketball court with a bunch of old cars and push toys.  Perfect for our age group!

look at that diaper booty!!

Even baby SOS made an appearance!

The weather was a little iffy and about 45 minutes in, it started to thunder.  Everyone packed up and headed home.  Justin is out of town for the weekend :(.  thankfully, Max and Claire entertained themselves while I made their dinner.
Their new favorite thing to do is climb in their chairs.  It's so cute!

On a random note... have you seen the new mini sandwich thins?  They are the perfect size!  I made a mini egg sandwich for breakfast...hit the spot!!
can't really tell how mini it is, but it's the perfect size!
it is only 50 calories!